[Email Tip] Managing Your Inbox with Flags

When I receive an email, I do one of three things:

  1. Nothing. If it’s an FYI email that requires no action, I read it and leave it.
  2. Take action. I do what is requested in the email or delegate to someone else.
  3. Flag for follow up. This option puts a colored flag beside messages that need further attention.

Most email clients, including Rackspace Email, allow you to easily sort by flags.  Flagging the email serves as a visual reminder and a sorting factor. In my inbox, all flagged messages are at the very top.  After I’ve completed the action, I un-flag the email and it is removed from the top of the list.

To sort by flags in most email clients, just click on the white flag above the list of emails (in the same line where “From,” “Subject,” “Sent,” and “Size” are).


  1. Hi. Do you know if you can add additional flag colors? We are currently using all of the colors provided and could use a couple more.


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