Meeting The High Quality Video Needs Of Real Estate Agencies On The Rackspace Cloud

This is a guest post written and contributed by Ugo Quaisse, CTO and President of Smartvisite, a Rackspace customer. Smartvisite specializes in tech mass video production, websites and rich media for real estate. Ugo is a web entrepreneur, formally a developer, a web enthusiast and a UI designer with marketing skills. For the past decade, Ugo has also specialized in web design, social SEO and SEO for a variety of businesses and organizations.

One area in which the Internet continues to deeply revolutionize habits and have a tremendous impact is real estate. Currently, in France roughly 90 percent of property searches are performed online.

That astounding number led us to create Smartvisite in 2007 and build our product Spotvideo™.  Spotvideo was built with one objective: to meet the new web communication needs of real estate agencies through new and innovative products.

From photos and descriptive text ads, we can automatically create a high quality video presentation with original scenarios and creative scenes.

The process is 100 percent automated and the ads are transformed into Spotvideo within minutes through our integration with more than 100 real estate software solutions. Once a Spotvidéo is created, we broadcast it on all of the agency’s social accounts (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion) and publish them on more than 30 real estate portals in France. Thanks to our APIs, Spotvideo is also easily embedded into the agency’s own website for additional visibility.

With more and more customer agencies coming on board each day, we juggle a huge amount of data. At the beginning, we were a very small team of three people and we stored everything on our own servers, but the constant activity and the growing success required us to quickly find a more stable, secure and scalable solution with a highly responsive support available when we need it.

In 2010, after investigating several cloud providers, my attention turned to Rackspace. The ease of use of its tools and its highly responsive Fanatical Support quickly won me over. Rackspace Cloud Files played a key role in improving our production processes. Now each photo and Spotvideo is stored on Cloud Files. We can use a photo at any time to create a Spotvideo to display on a website or use the Facebook Spotvideo or other tools for distribution without worrying about the availability and server size. The implementation was very easy thanks to the Cloud Files API – after only a few test runs, we were able to quickly move into production.

We use Cloud Files intensively for databases backups, customer invoices, logos, Spotvideo backups, as well as other dynamic file types. We also gradually migrated all servers to Rackspace Cloud Servers to benefit from centralized management of our infrastructure. We also use Rackspace Load Balancers for  our production servers. The next step for us is to test the live streaming video directly from Cloud Files.

Rackspace is now a major component our company’s development, success and innovation. It allows us to move forward confidently and without the technical constraints that we faced during our early years.

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