Hear How a Smart Parking App Startup Grapples with Growth at Solve Dallas

Have you ever been in the middle of an important meeting — or just a really good lunch — and had to drop everything to run and feed your parking meter?

This was the pain point most distressing to James Gibbs and Daniel Lopretto, co-founders of the Pittsburgh-based app Meter Feeder, which allows users to find and pay for area parking using their mobile devices.

Gibbs, the company’s CEO, and CTO Lopretto, will talk about their startup and how it’s overcome the IT challenges that follow rapid growth at Solve Dallas, a free one-day event featuring tech and business leaders and some of the real-world solutions they’ve implemented. 

Meter Feeder uses GPS to locate nearby parking and sends updates to users’ mobile devices to let them know how much time they have left. A simple “Add More Time” option allows users to pay for more time before the meter runs out.

The app, which Lopretto and Gibbs hope to expand beyond the Pittsburgh area soon, has been wildly successful. By relying on the Fanatical Support of Rackspace Managed Cloud Services to take care of their server infrastructure, the pair can focus on growing their business instead of the inevitable IT headaches that come with rapid growth.

“We’ve been using Rackspace for a very long time,” Lopretto said. “And not needing to worry about the server infrastructure is very important to us. “

Meter Feeder also uses ObjectRocket by Rackspace to provide a scalable data solution for the business.

“There aren’t very many other companies that have a turnkey, scalable solution like ObjectRocket,” Gibbs said. “We just simply create an account, log in and we are able to create a replication set in minutes.”

Want to hear more about how Rackspace has helped Meter Feeder and other businesses such as YETI, VMware and Proxibid solve their IT challenges? They’ll all be at Solve Dallas tomorrow — sign up now, and we’ll save a seat for you.

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