Microsoft Office 365 Migration Options at Rackspace

Migrating from your current email solution to Microsoft Office 365 can be a daunting task, especially if you attempt it without an experienced partner.

With Rackspace Migration Services, we can help ease that process, and make sure your migration goes off without a hitch.

Our migration services are designed around a team of specialists that onboard you as efficiently and pain-free as possible. With thousands of migrations under our belt, we can help you navigate through the various components of the migration process.

We currently offer two levels of migration services: a self-migration offering and an assisted migration option.

Our Rackspace self-migration service was designed for customers who need to be migrated as quickly and independently as possible. This is ideal if you’re an administrator who desires maximum control over the migration. Our self-service migration tool is available to you through our control panel 24x7x365, and is backed by Fanatical Support. Check out this demo video to learn more about our self-migration tool.

O365 Migration Rackspace
The Rackspace self-migration tool makes it possible to quickly and independently migrate to Office 365

If you would like more hands-on guidance throughout the migration process, our assisted migration offering may be a better fit.

To request an assisted migration, you can contact our support team. After an initial consultation with support, you will be assigned a migration specialist to walk you through planning and executing your migration. Having a dedicated migration specialist ensures you have a contact at Rackspace well versed in what your company is trying to accomplish.

Assisted Email Migrations include:

  • A dedicated migration Specialist available to you
  • A two-pass migration plan that migrates mail, contacts and calendar data for mailboxes under 50 GB a piece
  • DNS guidance for the going live phase
  • Email client and mobile device setup for end users via one of our unique Rackspace tools

There is no difference in cost, regardless of the method you choose and our support teams are here 24x7x365 to help with any questions you may have.

Learn more about Fanatical Support for Office 365 at Rackspace. If you would like to talk to an email and productivity specialist in more depth about our migration options, give us a call at or feel free to chat with us online.

Michelle works as a product marketing manager focusing on the Rackspace Application Services portfolio. She started at Rackspace in 2009 as a solutions consultant before joining the product marketing team in 2011. She has held various roles within marketing and is excited to expand her focus and knowledge across the Application Services portfolio. She lives in San Antonio with her husband and two kids, and spends weekends cheering them on the soccer field, basketball court and dance studio. In her spare time, Michelle enjoys exploring the latest health and wellness trends.


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