Google and Apple Admit Microsoft Still Matters to Businesses

This week, Google and Apple each announced that they will now offer some type of Microsoft support with their apps. Looks like their “do it our way” approach wasn’t working in corporate America—where Microsoft is still king.

While many businesses are discovering the benefits of innovative, online, hosted applications, many businesses still rely primarily on Microsoft apps and Microsoft Exchange. Users aren’t willing to give up the Microsoft features they’ve come to know—and they shouldn’t have to. Companies like Google and Apple are now realizing that the desktop software isn’t going away any time soon. And since businesses aren’t going to leave Microsoft, you need to provide them with the integration tools they need, if you want them to use your products and services.

At Rackspace, we seek to meet businesses where they are. We realize that most users use Microsoft Outlook, and users must be able to live and work in Outlook, even when they’re away from the office. That’s why all of our services are designed to fully support the Microsoft user, from the office, on the road, and from their mobile device.

Looks like Google and Apple are starting to realize that serving businesses is a bit different from serving consumers.

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  1. John – I appreciate your candid feedback and I want to make sure you know that we support Safari 3 on the Mac.  You are correct though — we need to make better mention of this on our site.
    I’ll be following up with our team on this point to make sure we work towards offering better explanation on our Mac support.


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