Microsoft Is Making Some News with Exchange 2010

We are pleased to see that Microsoft has released a beta version of Exchange 2010 (aka Exchange 14) that provides many new features including an updated Outlook Web Access interface, threaded conversations, and a mute button. Learn more about their new solution here.
Of particular note, Microsoft is releasing their hosted version of the new platform before they sell standalone server software. Microsoft’s first focus on hosted Exchange is a ringing endorsement of our cloud application model. We already host 100,000 Exchange mailboxes and there are lots of reasons why customers are choosing our Hosted Exchange solution.
Why would anyone want to go through the challenges of large capital expenditures, sourcing hardware, securing software licenses, training administrators, migrating .pst files, and installing the inevitable patches that come with every new release of Exchange? Expect more while paying less for a better solution complete with Fanatical Support! And on top of that we can offer customers the ability to save 40% off a standard hosted Exchange offering–just take a look at our Hybrid offering.

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