Rackspace Business Productivity Rx: Microsoft’s Powerhouse Productivity App

Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint—they’re household names. But there’s one Microsoft app that many businesses are just now beginning to discover. An app that increases productivity by fostering team communication and by helping users organize, share, and track documents across their organization:

SharePoint: Microsoft’s powerhouse productivity app.

You can use SharePoint for a wide range of collaborative projects. Whether you want to work together on a word processing document, spreadsheet, presentation, or any other type of doc, SharePoint is a great place to do it. With SharePoint you can:

Store docs that you want to share. You can create a “library” of documents, and then share them with specific users or across your entire organization.
Manage permissions. You decide who can view your projects, and who can make changes to them.
Track changes. You can enable versioning, so you can store and track versions of your docs whenever changes are made.

And SharePoint doesn’t stop there. You can use it to manage almost anything: lists, contacts, web pages, calendar events—whatever your business needs to track and share.

If you’re a Rackspace hosted email customer, SharePoint is already included with your account. Otherwise, you can sign up for SharePoint (with or without email service) through our website.

To learn more, check out our SharePoint webinars, including our SharePoint demo.


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