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Mixpanel: The Most Advanced Analytics for Web and Mobile


The most solid way to understand your users is to understand the data that they can provide on both the web and mobile apps. By being able to measure visitor interaction and engagement, companies can learn what its visitors are doing and what keeps them on their page or app. While tracking how many people have visited your site is one metric, tracking how often or how much the page is revisited or used is even more useful. Suhail Doshi, Co-Founder of Mixpanel, explains hows Mixpanel can empower a content creator with tools to understand their user base by measuring specific metrics and improving upon it both on desktop and mobile platforms.

About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by JJ Casas.

Fan of Frida Kahlo, Kindle & Aeropress coffee. @845a Creative Director, @motionscope Co-Founder, and Racker @rackspace.

  • Sophia P. Smith

    Mixpanel is a great analytics tool! I use it combined with my live chat provider – Visitlead – real time analytics. These get forwarded directly to Mixpanel, leaving no space for blind spots.

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