Mobile and Cloud – A Perfect Yin And Yang For Enterprise Mobility

This is a guest post written and contributed by Steve Drake, Vice President of Business Development at FeedHenry, a Rackspace partner and maker of a Mobile Application Platform for creative app development, easy integration and rapid deployment.

Today, FeedHenry and Rackspace launched a first of its kind partnership to deliver a completely open, cloud-based Mobile Application Platform designed to be the most flexible, scalable and secure solution in the industry.  The FeedHenry Mobile Application Platform allows enterprise customers to build applications leveraging industry-standard development environments across any set of mobile devices utilizing a robust cloud platform for back-end integration, application management, security and analytics.  This is all built on Rackspace’s rock solid, open cloud infrastructure with industry-leading service and support and superior performance.

Mobile and cloud represent two of the biggest disruptors in the enterprise today.  Enterprise organizations are seeking better ways to communicate to internal employees, business partners and customers via mobile.  Rising demand from mobile apps for processing power, storage space and secure access to business data has made mobile and cloud a natural fit for the enterprise.  Meanwhile a new shift has emerged with how software and mobile applications are built, deployed and managed. Today, with cloud and mobile, long build cycles and high cost points are evaporating as companies no longer need to be locked into proprietary software or invest significant dollars in hardware. The result is revolutionizing the industry.

Mobile solutions are not about organizations looking to replicate a desktop experience that is accessing a back-end system (like CRM), but rather seek more single purposed, efficient applications that integrate multiple backends and address mobile worker needs.  Development and upgrade cycles have been meaningfully advanced to where apps can be built in a matter of days or weeks, not months; and we are in an era of continuous development cycles, rather than yearly scheduled updates.  Installations are now a download, not a major IT deployment.  Lastly, the cost to mobilize has gone from being a multi-million dollar investment to five- or six-figure projects.  The speed, flexibility and scalability of these new solutions have moved the needle for enterprise companies to a level where they have begun in earnest to deploy mobile applications.

The open cloud infrastructure component of this offering is also noteworthy as customers leverage a wealth of knowledge for the years of migrating many of their back-end systems to the cloud, setting up an easy transition of cloud-to-mobile.  In fact, IDC predicts that in the next 12 to18 months 78 percent of enterprise customers either will have already deployed or plan to deploy mobile cloud offerings.  Lower initial investments in hardware and compartmentalized deployments allow companies to jump start mobile initiatives quickly and cost-effectively.  It allows for a faster initial rollout to address competitive pressures and ensures a reliable experience, efficient scalability with strong performance.  Furthermore Rackspace, a service leader in cloud computing, leverages open technologies and is known for its world-class support and expertise.

What makes this partnership unique is the fact that enterprises have a variety of deployment options.  Customers can deploy a multi-tenant public Rackspace Cloud or their own private mBaaS in the Rackspace public cloud.  In addition, businesses can also have FeedHenry’s mobility application platform stack within Rackspace’s managed cloud.  FeedHenry and Rackspace are all about customer choice, agility and ease of use when it comes to the mobile cloud.

This announcement brings the best in secure mobile enterprise application enablement and enterprise-class hybrid cloud infrastructure.  Rackspace and FeedHenry are bringing together a flexible, scalable and completely open solution to significantly enhance the speed and cost point at which companies can develop, integrate deploy and manage mobile applications.


  1. Thanks for the amazing post Steve. I also want to share something on Enterprise Mobility

    With the increased use of smartphones and tablets at workplace, accessing corporate networks, IT managers must control & monitor the use to avoid any unnecessary access. Deploying an efficient Enterprise mobility solution can help businesses address challenges, like loss/theft of data or device, and others.
    Mobile technology has become a vital part of many industries, including logistics, warehouse, retail, and others. Combined with a reliable MDM solution, businesses can easily manage inventory and assets, and ensure productive mobility with broad capabilities and analytics available.
    Some of the quick applications of deploying an effective enterprise mobility management are discussed below:
    1. Asset management
    2. Details of Device Inventory
    3. Inventory Classification
    4. Physical Tracking
    5. Data Protection

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