Monitoring The Metrics That Matter

As a developer, you understand just how complex your application stack can be. Depending on its environment, there can be dozens to hundreds of critical components that together make up your cloudy app, and each piece is vital to its performance and reliability. To monitor each component, you might use multiple, non-integrated tools to gain visibility into your stack. And that makes troubleshooting app performance issues a challenging endeavor.

Our partner New Relic has always strived to make the lives of its customers easier with its SaaS-based APM tool. Now it’s made a good thing even better with the release of the New Relic Platform – a seamless new way to monitor the performance of any technology through the intuitive and easy-to-use New Relic interface.

With the New Relic Platform, you’ll be able to get in-depth, real time insight into the performance of each component of your application stack – from cloud services, to the database, caching, networking, queuing and more. And best of all? You’ll be able to do it from a single pane of glass to monitor all of the metrics you care about.

One of the New Relic Platform plugins launching today is created specifically for Rackspace users. With the Rackspace Load Balancers plugin, you can now monitor your load balancers within the New Relic interface. You can use the information it provides to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic separated by SSL and non-SSL, set alert thresholds and keep an eye on the performance of your load balancers. Click here to start using the plugin today and keep an eye out for more Rackspace plugins that are currently under development.

By the way, if you don’t already have a New Relic account, we’ve partnered with New Relic so all Rackspace customers get a free Standard account for life, through our Cloud Tools Marketplace. I’ll post again once the next plugin is available.