Monitoring Your App’s Cloud Infrastructure

When you host your app in the cloud, you want to make sure that the infrastructure that runs it is up and available. Cloud Monitoring is an easy way to monitor your servers to ensure they are performing properly. In particular, there are two methods of monitoring my app’s servers that I always set up: ping checks and HTTP checks.

In the screencast below, I show you how to set up a ping check to check the server every 60 seconds to see if it is up and alive. This check will ping your server from three different regions (Dallas/Fort Worth, London and Chicago) and will alert you if the server doesn’t respond.

HTTP checks are a powerful way to check the availability of your infrastructure. Some examples of HTTP checks include verifying that a string of text on a webpage shows up properly, your most popular products can be added to your cart or even that your authentication system is working. In the video, I show you how to set up a monitoring check that looks for specific text in the footer.

For more information on advanced monitoring check out There you’ll also find SDKs for Python, PHP, Java and Ruby that you can use to set up monitoring or enable your application to create and respond to monitoring events, including spinning up new cloud infrastructure instances when incidents happen.

Check out Bret’s first post where he talks about three things that developers need to monitor. In his next post and screencast, Bret discusses a tool to help monitor and alert you if your application has any internal errors.


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