More Storage, Security and Savings from Microsoft Office 365

Increased storage, security and cost-saving measures are now available to enhance the already-robust Office 365 suite available from Rackspace, making it even more attractive to a wider variety of business users.

Three of the four new features, Archiving, Azure Rights Management and Extra Storage, can be added on to new and existing Fanatical Support for Office 365 solutions. Office 365 Exchange Online Kiosk is a stand-alone offering.

Rackspace Email Archiving

Rackspace Email Archiving offers advanced data protection by allowing customers to automatically archive Office 365 email data with unlimited retention and storage amounts. This is ideal for long-term email retention, search and discovery, and will cut out the need for manually moving mail to archive and discovery folders.

Office 365 Azure Rights Management

Azure Rights Management offers increased data security with mailbox encryption and user rights. This feature adds policy-based restriction and permission capabilities as well as email encryption to Office 365 subscriptions, and is ideal for customers who need email encryption but don’t necessarily need other features in the Office 365 E3 subscription.

Instead, ARM offers customers the ability to encrypt mail on a Business Essentials, Business Premium or E1 license, for significant cost savings.

Office 365 Extra Storage

Extra Storage offers support for larger SharePoint sites, and is ideal for users whose default SharePoint storage size isn’t big enough for their current or growing needs.

Whereas the current Office 365 SharePoint storage limit is 10GB + 500MB per subscribed user, Extra Storage will give administrators unlimited storage capacity for SharePoint.

Office 365 Exchange Online Kiosk

This stand-alone offering is an affordable, browser-based version of Exchange, with 2GB of storage, calendar and contacts as well as ActiveSync capabilities to connect mobile devices. Exchange Online Kiosk also offers cost savings compared to other Office 365 subscriptions.

Online Kiosk is optimal for customers who simply need to send and receive mail without the need for other productivity applications or Outlook access. It can be implement as all subscriptions on a tenant or in conjunction with other Office 365 products such as Business Essentials, Business Premium, E1 or E3. It’s ideal in situations where an IT manager has several different communication needs across the company but needs to keep the entire solution with one provider, one support call and one, reasonably-priced bill.

Learn more about how Rackspace can support Office 365 for your business.


Brooke Jackson is a product marketing manager for Rackspace Private Cloud solutions, including Microsoft Azure Stack, Hyper-V and Pivotal Cloud Foundry. She has been a Racker since 2009 and has more than 15 years of experience in product management and marketing. Brooke earned her BS and MBA from Virginia Tech, and lives in Blacksburg, VA with her family. You can find Brooke on LinkedIn.


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