Mosso Awarded Best Blog Webhost of 2007

Thank you Performancing for taking notice of our commitment to help bloggers deal with the ills of scaling. We take great pride in our vision of bringing enterprise class performance in a simple package for all developers, bloggers, designers and entrepreneurs. Here is the Editors’ take on our offer:

“While Mosso is not in everyone’s price range, it is massively scalable and currently hosts some of our Editor’s sites, some of which get as many as 500k pageviews per day. For high-traffic blogs that don’t want to run a dedicated server, we think it’s a steal for only $100 a month.”

Performancing Award

Rack Blogger is our catchall blog byline, subbed in when a Racker author moves on, or used when we publish a guest post. You can email Rack Blogger at


  1. Todd,

    I have recently started a web Design / Development firm. We have been using Mosso for about 2 weeks now. Everything seems great so far. We really appreciate the level of support you offer.



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