Mosso Brings Simplicity to the Power of the Cloud

Mosso Press Release

Mosso Brings Simplicity to the Power of the Cloud

The Hosting Cloud™ Delivers an Easier-than-Ever Platform for Deploying, Powering and Scaling Web Applications

SAN ANTONIO – Feb. 19, 2008 – Mosso® today announced a new and improved version of its core hosting offering. The newly named solution, The Hosting Cloud, is an advanced, easy-to-use, cross-platform cloud computing offering that, for the first time, allows for seamless scalability. The new approach eliminates the cost and complexity of scaling web infrastructure, specifically for developers and companies looking to deploy large web applications. The company also announced today new utility pricing for its business-class hosting solution.

The Hosting Cloud offers power without complexity to provide significant benefits for developers. Current solutions are often complicated and require additional coding to use. Mosso, on the other hand, enables developers to get their applications up and running in three easy steps: choose a domain, select operating system of choice and set default technology. Another important benefit of Mosso — round-the-clock live tech support — is rare among cloud compute providers. Other recently added features of The Hosting Cloud include Ruby on Rails, Windows2008/IIS7 hosting and SFTP access.

New Pricing Highlights
Currently, for $100 per month, The Hosting Cloud includes 24×7 live technical support (phone and chat) and simple, online software to manage projects and clients. It offers 500 GB bandwidth, 50 GB disk space and 3 million web requests per month — enough to power almost any website or application. The solution also offers unlimited web applications and email accounts, restricted only by the included resources. The newly added web request metric is more straight-forward, granular and outcome-based than other units and formulas used – in hosting, it’s about as close to pay-per-use there is. As traffic grows, customers ‘pay-as-they-grow’ through Mosso’s utility pricing model that delivers capacity when and where it’s needed.

With today’s announcement, Mosso now offers unlimited and automatic scaling for web applications. When a user exceeds the resources allotted in the $100/month membership, scale pricing kicks in to deliver just the capacity that’s needed.

Current pricing for additional capacity beyond the base membership is:

Disk Space- $0.50/GB
Bandwidth- $0.25/GB
Requests- $0.03/1,000 requests
For more information about the new offering, please visit Mosso’s Pricing Page.

“At Mosso, our mission is to deliver on the promise of cloud computing – to make it as easy as possible for people to deploy and run web applications,” said Todd Morey, co-founder of Mosso. “We say code it, load it and go. We want to deliver the best possible service and support to our customers so that they can focus on running their businesses, not their applications.”

With The Hosting Cloud, developers do not need to worry about underlying technology such as servers, VPS’s or operating systems. The new solution combines a ‘best-practices’ hosting environment with easy online management — allowing the developer to choose the framework that best meets their needs. Mosso’s QuickDeploy™ provisioning system is designed to automatically configure and provision each layer of the technology stack in order to maximize performance so that web applications automatically scale as traffic surges. Mosso’s new utility pricing model ensures that subscribers then pay for only the capacity they use. The Hosting Cloud supports Windows and Linux platforms as well as leading technologies such as PHP, Ruby on Rails and .NET.

“On today’s Internet, the right piece of content can go viral more quickly than ever before, and Mosso makes scaling to serve the load very easy,” stated Jon Shumate, founder of Roseville, CA-based, web startup, Phoenomi, Inc. “We are a start-up focused on developing uniquely fun and viral web products which — as they grow — will need tremendous capacity. Mosso has figured out how to take the hard parts of scaling and make them automatic by adding a layer of scaling intelligence over the traditionally “dumb” service of hosting, and as a result they’ve become one hell of a cloud service.”

Mosso is a company of Rackspace, a leading provider of hosted IT services. The Hosting Cloud was created by Mosso to give developers access to the benefits of cloud computing without the technical complexities and trade-offs associated with existing solutions. To execute its vision, Mosso tapped into Rackspace’s technology expertise and deep resources to develop the next generation standards-based cloud computing technology that now runs The Hosting Cloud.

About Rackspace
A recognized leader in the global IT marketplace, Rackspace® delivers a diverse suite of enterprise-class hosted IT services to businesses of all sizes. Customers choose Rackspace for its hosting specialization and expertise, backed by the company’s award-winning Fanatical Support®. By integrating the industry’s best technologies and delivering them as services, Rackspace serves as an extension of its customers’ IT departments. Because Rackspace removes the burden of infrastructure maintenance and management, customers can focus on their core business. Rackspace’s portfolio of companies also includes the Mosso® ( cloud computing platform and Mailtrust™ (, a provider of business-class hosted email solutions. For more information on Rackspace, please visit, or call 800-961-2888.

About Mosso
Mosso, LLC is the home of The Hosting Cloud, providing enterprise-grade hosting through an easily managed interface so that developers, designers and IT managers can deploy reliable web applications quickly and easily. Founded by two former Rackspace employees, The Hosting Cloud is built upon a cross platform, clustered-computing architecture. For more information, visit or call 1.877.934.0409.

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