Mosso: Freelance Camp San Antonio Sponsor | Freelance Camp

We love supporting local Tech – be that in San Antonio or San Juan!

We’re proud to sponsor Freelance Camp San Antonio!  I plan on being there – probably from 10am-Noon (sorry, can’t be there all day).  But if you want to chat about cloud computing, Mosso, Rackspace, blogging, customers, Twitter, or what the Dallas Cowboys need to do to build a POST-SEASON team – stop by.  It is a great event with a great community behind it.

And we are glad to be part of it!

Imagine being able to provision a server in minutes. To upgrade it automatically. To bring servers up and down as needed. This is the idea behind Cloud Servers. Totally customizable, each Cloud Server gives you full root access to the Linux distribution of your choice. You pay depending on how large a server you buy.

Mosso: Freelance Camp San Antonio Sponsor | Freelance Camp

Father of two, mother of none. Rob has lived across the globe. He has moved back to San Antonio more times than most people move. Now he's here to stay (so he says!) Rob loves fixing things which explains his backgrounds in medicine, software quality assurance and customer care.


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