Mosso is Fast … So Much Faster, it’s Not Even Close!

Both Amazon and Rackspace/Mosso now have cloud storage solutions that support infinite utility storage with web based API access. Both have new CDN capabilities; however, the Amazon CloudFront CDN and the Mosso Cloud Files CDN in partnership with Limelight Networks are very different, especially when it comes to speed. The Limelight CDN is a mature global network that already services a substantial portion of the world’s CDN usage. According to both Pingdom and Gomez, Cloud Files offers global server response and download times that are about twice as fast.

How do we know it’s faster? Two different 3rd party network monitoring and analytics services confirm it. After Gomez monitored performance for the same file hosted on both Amazon’s CloudFront network and Mosso’s Cloud Files from 11 locations distributed globally, the result was clear. Cloud Files is faster. In fact, it’s more than twice as fast. See for yourself:

These results were measured from the above locations throughout the world.

Not only is the Cloud Files service faster, it’s also easier to set up and use and it costs less when compared to the CloudFront offering from Amazon…but that’s a whole other blog post.

Adrian serves as a Distinguished Architect for Rackspace, focusing on cloud services. He cares deeply about the future of cloud technology, and important projects like OpenStack. He also is a key contributor for and serves on the editing team for OASIS CAMP, a draft standard for application lifecycle management. He comes from an engineering and software development background, and has made a successful career as a serial entrepreneur.



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