Mosso’s New Control Panel and Provisioning System

The Mosso development team has been working hard to enhance the management interfaces and the provisioning system that power the Hosting Cloud. Today we’re announcing the launch of our new software and inviting our customers to check out the functionality it brings at We’ve been testing and improving this release for a while and are now bringing into full deployment. (During this launch phase, everyone will have continued access to the old interfaces as they build familiarity with the new software.)

As you can see from our new screenshots, one of the highlights of this release is our all-new web-based file manager. Using the file manager, users now have a web-based view of their storage environment. Now you can easily execute advanced operations that would normally require shell access—such as creating and decompressing archives, or changing permissions—directly through the Mosso control panel.

It gets better: the file manager feature introduces a snapshot tool that now allows you to go back in time to access and reinstate previous versions of your files. This new tool takes a “picture” of the system every few hours, and keeps file versions on a rolling basis through midnight CST four days prior. This feature would especially be useful for an accidental overwrite, for example.

Behind the scenes, Mosso’s new, more flexible provisioning system has been designed to increase performance, speed and functionality. Built using Apache ServiceMix, the platform provides a robust, scalable integration point for both existing and new services.

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