Dedicated Deep Dive Recap: Moving to the Cloud without Leaving your VMware Deployment Behind

This week’s Deep Dive topic, “Moving to the Cloud without Leaving your VMware Deployment Behind” took me back to my roots of building VMware solutions. Ken Lamoreaux, Product Architect fot VMware Solutions, and Shantu Roy, CTO of the VMware Practice, did a great job of discussing how customers can extend their virtual datacenter to Rackspace with our Dedicated VMware vCenter solution and the ability to burst into the public cloud with RackConnect Global.

The show is part of our larger Dedicated Deep Dive series, Exploring Dedicated in a Cloudy World, where each week we carve out an hour to discuss the benefits of dedicated infrastructure solutions and their place in a world dominated by cloud solutions. I invite experts to discuss customer’s architectures, common concerns and how the Rackspace team solves clients’ complex infrastructure needs. This month’s theme is performance.

One recurring theme we’ve been hearing from customers and prospects, especially when we’re talking to IT groups, is the pressure they feel to move to the cloud coupled with a hesitation to move away from the technology, people and process investments they’ve made building their own datacenters. It’s not a simple lift and shift, but the potential benefits of the cloud are too great to ignore.

If their datacenter is powered by VMware technology, Dedicated vCenter can provide a middle ground, where they can get out of the infrastructure management business while using the same technology and tools that are already working for them. Beyond the dedicated infrastructure — including servers, storage, and networking — we provide the layer on top with the vSphere product. We provide a management cluster that will run the VMware services for the dedicated vCenter instance. This includes the vCenter virtual machine, and update manager service, vRealize operations, and a VM recovery appliance to facilitate image level backups. Download the reference architecture to see the details.

I realize that moving some workloads to a partner introduces a whole new set of processes and handoffs. Luckily, with more than 15 years of hosting experience, this is where Rackspace shines. We developed one of my favorite documents, the Dedicated vCenter Customer Handbook, which documents roles and responsibilities in great detail to ease the transition. You can download the customer handbook with the reference architecture mentioned above.

Running on dedicated infrastructure means it’s possible to be more comprehensive and flexible when it comes to management. We include vROps with each deployment of Dedicated vCenter. And because we provide the API level access, you can use the management and Ops scripts and tools you are already running on Rackspace’s environment as well.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention that Rackspace was named 2015 Americas Service Provider Partner of the Year. It is a great validation of our VMware experience and expertise. Read all about it here.

Join us March 23rd at 1 p.m. CT as we take our next Deep Dive into a real world example of how a diverse storage portfolio can help you improve the operational efficiency of your datacenter. Check out the schedule of live events at

Doug Denny joined Rackspace in 2006 and has since held a variety of architect and management roles over the years as part of the Solution Engineering team. Doug was the original host of the Rackspace Deep Dive Series and owns product marketing responsibilities for Rackspace’s VMware private cloud solutions.


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