Mowgli: Live Out Your Rock Star Dreams Online

Based in Atlanta, GA, Mowgli is a gaming company based around a simple concept, connecting people through social creation.  Mowgli is a start-up ready to enter the fray with a roster of social games that offer players the unique ability to create something real with their friends that has value, and then take it outside the game.  Mowgli has put together a rock star team of designers and developers who have been hard at work on their first release – Songster.

Songster is an online social game, initially for Facebook, where users can create music, play gigs, and live out their rock star dreams online. Players can build their songs with layers of instrument and vocal loops. They can even create their own melodies with just a flick of their fingers.  And all of this can be done while working with friends on the same song.  Players can then both share their songs with friends online and also download their songs for use outside the game.

“My favorite part of music is songwriting. I think something really amazing happens when you create music, because people connect with that in a deep, spiritual kind of way,” explains Marshall Seese, Jr., Founder & CEO of Mowgli. “I wanted to take that power and give it to the masses, regardless of musical background or talent. Songster is a super simple technology; just drag these little clips of music onto a little grid, hit play and you have something that sounds like it should be on the radio.”

In addition to the creation aspects of the game, Songster players will follow a compelling storyline of a fledging band/artist working their way up through the ranks of the music industry. Players will unlock achievements ranging from hiring a manager to signing sponsorship and record deals as they progress through the game. This combination of storyline and real music creation will captivate a gaming audience in ways other social games cannot.

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