Music On The Cloud

The music business is fast adopting the power of cloud computing and we continue to attract some of the most innovative companies in the industry. Jingle Punks, a rapidly growing music licensing business, and ArtistData, which provides a consolidation tool for spreading the word about band tour dates, are two great examples. While the two companies market to different audiences, both are ultimately on a mission to bring music to the masses—and leveraging the scalability of the cloud while doing it.

Jingle Punks Music brings together a vast library of pre-licensed music with a stable of the industry’s top composers that are available for TV, film, video games, and advertising projects. The Jingle Player, a proprietary and intuitive interface, is the company’s unique recommendation engine. An editor can type in “New Orleans big band” for the street parade footage he’s piecing together and return a list of musical contenders. All the music in the database is ready for licensing with just a few clicks. On the back end, thousands of independent musicians, bands, and composers have the chance to be heard by editors, agents, and producers. An unsigned band can have their music picked up for a movie trailer and come to the ears of millions. Jingle Punks’ loyal customers include the History Channel, MTV and a slew of production companies. In March, the company won an award for innovation at SXSW. Music from their database can be heard on NBC’s hit show “The Office” and is featured in the trailer for the upcoming Jessica Alba movie “Invisible Sign of My Own.”

Jingle Punks runs a Ruby on Rails deployment of their site on Cloud Servers, as well as their application and database.  When asked about the company’s experience with The Rackspace Cloud, Dan Demole, CTO for Jingle Punks says,

“I was happy to find that Rackspace Cloud’s reputation for service was well-deserved. When we were getting up and running I often got one-on-one assistance from a Rackspace developer. Whether it was via email or through IRC chat, the engineers I worked with were always extremely helpful in assisting us.”

Check out this cool video about Jingle Punks on CNN Money:

More info at

ArtistData’s core mission is to connect bands with fans—without getting in the way. Using their dashboard, a band or PR person at a record company can input the details for an upcoming show once and have it appear on multiple social networking sites. Within seconds the listing appears on the relevant pages of MySpace, PureVolume, Twitter, Facebook, JamBase, and a whole host of other sites. A music organization can even manage the fan outreach for all of their artists from a single interface. You can view the simplicity and power of ArtistData in the screencasts section of their website

After struggling with large loads and unpredictable performance, ArtistData moved to The Rackspace Cloud earlier this year. They are now happily using Cloud Servers. On a recent blog post, ArtistData said,

“We chose Rackspace to host ArtistData because, well, Rackspace rocks. That is all there is to it. They have superior equipment, Fanatical Support, and a superior API. The Rackspace Cloud allowed us to build a tiered system with load balancers, multi-layered application servers and a bunch of other geeky stuff.”

We’re always glad to lend a geeky hand and appreciate the kind words from ArtistData. The move to Rackspace Cloud by such companies as Jingle Punks and ArtistData is part of a bigger trend that sees media content of all stripes, including video with the likes of our customer, migrating towards the cloud. The value proposition of a robust platform and affordable scalability is proving to be every bit as compelling as the music and video that needs a fast, reliable place to live.

Dominic Smith is a writer and content strategist. Before joining Rackspace Marketing, he worked for many years as a technical writer and freelance copywriter, covering software, innovation and customer success stories for companies big and small, from startups to the Fortune 100. He also moonlights as a novelist and has taught writing at several universities, including Rice and the University of Texas at Austin.



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