Must Have App: Love Where You Work With Good.Co

Work would be a better place if we all did something we loved, don’t you think?

In an ideal world, our workplace would be a source of happiness, where employers allow us to do meaningful work, aligning with personal passions. If this sounds too good to be true; think again! The creators behind Good.Co (aka Good Company) developed a professional networking app to help you find joy and meaning in your career.  This week we highlight Good.Co as our first Must Have App, a new series devoted to sharing the most innovative apps on the web.

Recently, I attended the TechStars Demo Day in San Antonio, hosted by our friends at Geekdom. Twelve startups took the stage to pitch their cloud-based apps, in hopes of securing funding or partnerships from attendees. Good.Co was among those startups. I immediately noticed a parallel between Rackspace and Good.Co: Rackspace is a strengths-based company and Good.Co looks to help employees discover their strengths and determine if those fit within their existing role or company culture.

What is Good.Co? from Good Co on Vimeo.

The Science Behind Good.Co

Users take a fun, three-minute pop culture-themed assessment consisting of 15 questions. Responses to these questions then allow Good.Co to provide a unique workplace personality type, which is called an archetype. The personality archetype allows users to explore strengths, weaknesses and ideal workplace environments through the app. Users can also see how well they fit in their current job, discover a “Fit Score” with friends and colleagues and learn how to thrive in careers.

If users are looking for a new job, they can explore the large database of business profiles to see how well they’d fit in at some of the country’s largest companies. Finally, the app integrates with LinkedIn. Now, once a user has their archetype, Fit Score and strengths, it’s easy to simply pull up LinkedIn to search job openings.

The Good.Co algorithm PPA (Proprietary Psychometric Algorithm) identifies intricate patterns in the user’s responses to help decode personality and strengths based on research by co-founder Dr. Kerry Schofield. She’s a leading psychometrician out of Oxford with more than two decades of scientific research in the field of psychometrics with statistical models.

Traditional psychometric evaluations require lengthy, time consuming, and repetitive lists of sometimes more than a 100 questions designed to understand sociability, drive, reliability, independence and intelligence. Good.Co has built its assessment on twenty years of empirical research and evolved it to be more relevant for the modern workplace, using only 15 questions! That’s much better than the time it takes to answer 100 questions.

Good.Co was founded in 2012. The inspiration for the company came from real life experiences, founder Samar Birwadker explained.

“I realized the toll a bad work culture fit can take on your personal life. Every single one of us can think of at least a handful of people who are unhappy in their jobs,” he said. “That was me.”

In fact, 46 percent of all new hires don’t get past their first 18 months of employment – specifically due to a bad cultural fit.

Birwadker had a dream to create a system that was easy to use and actually worked to match people with a company based on their personality type. “Nothing quite like what I imagined existed yet – so we created Good Company,” he said.

Even though it’s a young company, the app has seen almost 4,000 signups since its April launch at Tech Stars Demo Days, and each new user organically invites an average of two new users into the system.

To bypass the wait list and get access, head to Good.Co and use early access code goodcorackspace. Learn more and find yourself in Good Company on Twitter, Facebook and its blog.


  1. Thank you again for naming Good.Co as your very first “Must Have App” – we’re truly honored and can’t thank the Rackspace family enough for your support!


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