Must Have App: Take Your Heath Records To The Cloud With drchrono

Waiting 20 minutes to see a doctor when you have a concern, only to have them spend 75 percent of that time reviewing your file, sucks. It’s not an effective use of your time as a patient or for the professional caregiver. Cloud technology has enabled more heath professionals to use electronic health records, or EHRs, and it’s changing the health industry as we know it.

Recently, I sat down with the founders of drchrono, an app that streamlines the patient-caregiver experience. From electronic health records to medical billing and patient profiles, drchrono provides heath professionals and patients an all-in-one solution that makes it this week’s Must Have App.

Healthcare In The Cloud

drchrono is a dynamic medical company that provides a core EHR platform, scheduling, patient reminders and a billing system that every practice needs. Founded in 2009 by Daniel Kivatinos and Michael Nusimow, drchrono is now used by more than 40,000 physicians and that number is growing daily. In 2011, drchrono officially launched out of Y-Combinator, a San Francisco-based accelerator. Since the app is ONC-ATCB Stage 1 certified, physicians who use drchrono over traditional filing methods can qualify for up to $44,000 in government incentives. It’s a free app for both patients and caregivers and  eliminates the mounds of paperwork and time needed to manage healthcare files, which makes it a win-win for everyone, all thanks to cloud technology.

“Our end goal is to remove paper from the doctor-patient relationship, and this is another step in that direction,” said drchrono COO and Co-Founder Kivatinos.

drchrono offers three specific tools, iPad EHR, medical billing and OnPatient, none of which would exist without the cloud. IT hardware is expensive and cumbersome for smaller practices to maintain and by using an EHR built specifically for the iPad offers unrivaled speed and performance.

Physicians can signup for free online or through the App Store to use the drchrono platform. Physicians can then use the mobile app in the exam room to record notes, view patient history and submit lab requests and e-prescriptions. The web-based version of the app is used by front office staff for practice management tasks, including appointment scheduling and medical billing. Then, the accompanying OnPatient PHR (personal health records) app gives patients mobile access to their own health records. drchrono handles the full cycle of heath information management.

drchrono was created by a team of expert designers and developers with healthcare providers in mind. For example, the EHR includes templates for clinical forms and customization tools to help automate workflows. Drawing tools, prescription requests, referrals, photos and more make it a true one-stop for healthcare professionals. Plus, the EHR also features an accurate medical speech-to-text  service using M*Modal™ – just tap and speak, and the text appears. It learns from your voice so it only gets better with use.

Technology Behind The App

drchrono’s native iOS apps are available in the iTunes app store and are built on the Rackspace Cloud.

“We use the Rackspace Load Balancer and Rackspace Cloud Files to support drchrono,” said Co-Founder Nusimow. “Our server stack is Django/Python and we also rely on HTML5 and Javascript for, which is a rich SaaS platform for the doctors and their staff.”

Physicians can signup for a free account online or can download the app directly to their iPad from the iTunes store. On the flip side, patients can sign up at  or download the patient-specific app directly to their iPhone.

To learn more about drchrono, take a look at its demo below. Be sure to visit ask your healthcare provider about EHR the next time you visit.

Let’s help bring the health industry to the forefront of cloud computing.

Check back each week as we highlight a new Must Have App. If you missed last week, take a look at our previous Must Have App: Good.Co.

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  1. Cloud based servers enable you to have multipel offices and be able to access all your patient information wherever you go; on your iPhone, iPad etc. I love that drchrono is cloud-server based because i can use it in both my office locations.


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