My ‘Funatical’ Summer At Rackspace

This summer, I had the opportunity to work as a marketing intern at the Rackspace headquarters in San Antonio. My first impression of the company was how amazingly vibrant and colorful the office is. There aren’t many interns who can boast of having a slide, picnic tables, beach umbrellas and food trucks at their workplace! Prior to joining the marketing team, I had heard through word of mouth that Rackspace is one of the most exciting and progressive places to work. Now, after 10 weeks, I can say that my experience at the Castle has truly evidenced this. There is a strong sense of family among all Rackers, and the people here are always looking for ways to help each other in any way possible. It is perhaps this shared bond that helps Rackspace retain its unique culture, even as it crosses the 5,000-plus employee milestone.

As for the work itself, I never thought I would find technical marketing so exciting! My excitement stems not only from creative design or content development, but also from having the opportunity to generate the overall marketing strategy through data analysis. I had to draw on previous marketing campaigns, both internal and external, to understand what approaches work and what strategies don’t work. At Rackspace, the customer always comes first, and marketing is no exception. Every day, my team strived to create more contextual, meaningful campaigns to help customers find their perfect fit at Rackspace. It is this passion to do right by the customer that drives Rackers to not only work hard, but to go that extra mile.

Looking back, the most important things I will take away from this internship are not related to my work projects or even marketing as a field (although those are definitely great insights to have!). Rather, it is the feeling of being completely in sync with the company, of being a part of a bigger family, of working toward a single goal of customer satisfaction. This is what I’ll cherish and miss the most. A company is only as good as its culture and employees, and, for me, Rackspace certainly takes the crown.

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