My Health on the Go Visits the Rackspace Startup Program

We recently had the pleasure of one of our Rackspace Startup Program companies’ visit us here at the Rackspace headquarters in San Antonio.  My Health on the Go based in Phoenix, Arizona, is a self-funded Bootstrap venture offering a free online wellness community, My Healthy Place, promoting personalized, proactive, preventative wellness to small businesses and individuals. The fun and customizable programs allow employees and individuals to take charge of and engage in long-term personal wellness management in a motivating social networking environment. Members of My Healthy Place will be able to enjoy daily wellness content and activities, wellness competitions, the availability of wellness groups and clubs in their geographic area and fun incentive points programs with real financial rewards.

Our visit with Alan Sands, Founder of My Health on the Go and Eileen Casey, COO began with a tour of Rackspace, after which Alan said “from the moment you walk in here you realize that this is a place where people create amazing tools to help the entrepreneur succeed.” Preceding the tour, we assembled the Space Cowboys who were in-house and teleconferenced with those who were on the road to welcome My Health on the Go to the Rackspace Startup Program, enlightening them on the fundamentals and benefits that the program offers startups. “What I like about your startup program is that you really key on the needs of an entrepreneur” said Sands. After which Jeff Lamboy, Manager of the Rackspace Startup Program replied “it’s a commitment to helping others. That’s really the foundation of the Rackspace Startup Program.”

A working lunch followed where My Health on the Go and the Startup Team were joined by Rackers Megan Wohlford, Product Manager and Garrett Heath, Managed Ops Analyst to assist in answering questions about Cloud Computing products, services and tools.  Next on the meeting agenda was a session to drill deep into some of the technical needs concerning the My Healthy Place site. This session was set up to address the use of consumer rich media, ecommerce, social networking, and gaming over both the internet and on mobile devices, the pillars of which My Healthy Place will be built upon.

“There is a big team of people here working to help make you guys successful offering the right information for the technical support and any type of insights we can provide” stated Lamboy as he introduced Joseph Palumbo, Fanatical Support Team Leader and Hart Hoover, Linux Administrator to the My Health on the Go tech team of Brian Bajuk and Van Boersma who had dialed in for the meeting. Questions regarding the ability to scale rapidly if necessary, integration of the site with channel partner sites, and compliance requirements were addressed. Those questions and more were answered for the startup by the experts within Rackspace. Hart Hoover summed up the technical Q&A best with “you manage your business and we’ll manage your Cloud.”

To end My Health on the Go’s day at Rackspace, Alan Sands had this to say “you’re here to help us. You want to see us succeed. And you’re going to do everything in your power to help.” A commitment to help others…it really is the foundation of what the Rackspace Startup Program does for entrepreneurs. And in his closing comment Alan said “I feel so strong after the experience today that my company will succeed beyond my wildest dreams.” Dreams are where successful startups begin. Live the dream with the Rackspace Startup Program and contact Jeff Lamboy at today!

John McKenna loves startups and is a Space Cowboy with the Rackspace Startup Program. He also crafts customer stories and produces really cool videos for the Customer Reference Program. John enjoys telling stories through his writings…and loves the beach, the ranch, his dog Blue and most of all his three beautiful daughters.


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