Navigating the Complexity of Big Data Transformation

Businesses must deliver a consistent, high-value experience — or risk losing customers to someone who can. And they’re turning to big data technologies for help.

With big data, they can get to know their customers better, learn their habits and anticipate their needs to ultimately deliver a better customer experience.

But existing on premise relational database management systems are becoming too expensive to maintain and scale. As a result, more than three-quarters of enterprises are planning to increase their off-premise data management in the next year, according to Forrester Research in its April 2017 study, “Navigating the Complexity of Big Data Transformation,” commissioned on behalf of Rackspace. In the infographic below, you can walk through the Forrester’s latest big data trend findings, or you can download the entire report.

big data transformation infographic


Nirmal is a Principal Architect at Rackspace, leading Data Transformation services as part of Rackspace’s Professional Services organization. Nirmal consults with clients around large scale databases and data processing, data analytics and data warehousing in the cloud, plus machine learning and artificial intelligence, providing recommendations and solutions for a wide variety of industry verticals. Nirmal has a strong background in cloud and distributed systems, having contributed to various open source projects from Cassandra to OpenStack. Prior to his consulting role, he was a lead engineer on Rackspace’s Cloud Databases and Cloud Big Data Product Engineering teams.


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