Navigating The Rackspace Marketplace

At Rackspace, we are all about Fanatical Support. One way we provide it is by doing what is in the best interests of our customers. We listen to what our customers are trying to achieve, what concerns they have and understand/respect their timelines. We are conscious that they are looking for a solution that meets their technical and business needs. A lot of Rackers put themselves into the customer’s shoes to solve an issue. When navigating the Rackspace Marketplace for the right solution, I put myself in the customer’s position and try to satisfy their requirements as if they were my own.

Here is some advice on navigating the Rackspace Marketplace.

The Rackspace Marketplace provides customers access to an ecosystem of partner products designed to offer technology solutions that augment our product portfolio. More than 170 partners serve our customers with products such as database replication, security, load testing, application monitoring and much more. Since there is a plethora of options, some that even overlap, how do you pinpoint which solution to leverage for your business?

One thing to consider when analyzing Marketplace partner solutions is your business needs around service and support. Since these tools are supported by the company that provides them and not by Rackspace, we must clearly identify their support systems. As you compare plans of various offerings you will often find that the level of the plan you chose determines not only the features and functionality but also the amount and type of support you can expect to receive. Whereas an entry level or free plan might offer only email or ticket-based support with no defined SLAs (Service Level Agreement) around response time, a higher level plan may be a better fit for your business if you need to be able to pick up the phone and obtain support at 2 a.m. With many Rackspace Marketplace partner solutions, you can start with the entry-level plan and upgrade at a later time once you have determined that the product and services are right for you.

As mentioned before, the solution you select needs to make business sense. If the tool works technically but is out of budget, that is something you should know up front. Some Marketplace tools publish their costs and others don’t. At Rackspace, we are happy to help get you in touch with the right partner for an in-depth consultation.

You don’t have to navigate our Marketplace alone. There are Rackspace specialists available who can help you. We have teams like On-Line Specialists, Cloud Advisors, Cloud Specialists, Cloud Launch Managers and Solution Engineers at the ready to listen to what you are trying to accomplish and recommend solutions that fit your technical and business needs. If you need help, give us a call. We’re always available.

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