Nayatek’s Datosphere Makes Cloud Files Archiving Easy

    Cloud Files is great for backing up files, but the cloud is essentially just storage.  Organizing data and making it easy to back up is a matter of finding the right tool.

    The Rackspace Cloud has partnered with Nayatek in its Datosphere offering.  Datosphere allows small to enterprise level businesses to back up email (including Exchange), IMs, file systems, and other critical information in the cloud.  It allows you to search information by date, keyword, or other criteria.  Because it backs up to the cloud, backups are easy to deploy in minutes.

    Why will this excite your boss?
    1.) He or she will be better covered against nastiness like lawsuits because records are easily archived and found.
    2.) Because you will be backing up to the cloud, you only pay for the storage you need and it’s very easy to deploy.  You can then take the surplus money you would spend on backup on your company holiday party.  Just don’t forget to invite us ;-).

    Have you used Datosphere or any of our other innovative partners?  If so, please leave a review on our Rackspace Tools site.  You will be awarded huge karma points and Bret Piatt (@bpiatt), our resident Corp Dev Cloud Geek, might just call you out in Twitter for being really cool.


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