Need to Create Bigger Email Lists?

Many of us need to create email lists with larger groups of people, even though we’re not spammers. So this past week, we launched ‘Group Lists’ which provide our customers with the ability to easily send an email to a large group of internal or external recipients through a single alias. Group Lists provide customers with the following:
• Ability to create Group Lists in the Control Panel, inside of the Email Accounts section
• Ability to send to unlimited internal (same domain) recipients
• Ability to send up to 50 external (outside domain) recipients
• Ability to setup dynamic recipient capabilities—as new mailboxes are added to a domain, they will be automatically added to the Group List
• Ability to setup restricted senders so that only certain people can send to the Group List
We’ll be adding more capabilities in the future but for now, I hope this is a big help. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about Group Lists.
One point I’d like to make—our regular Acceptable Use Policy is still in effect, meaning we don’t allow customers to send bulk mail to recipients outside of their domains.
I want to thank the people who made this project happen. Brian H was the main contributor but I’d also like to thank Nell-Marie, Pat, Bill, and Ben, who all provided lots of guidance and feedback.
– Matt

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