New Anti-spam API – time to start coding!

Many of you use the new anti-spam features we released back in August that allow you to add IP addresses to your blacklists and safelists and turn on greylisting for mail from new senders. Well now we have another way you can manage these features.
This week we released a set of new API functions that let you write your own programs to control these settings for your users. You can build all sorts of clever things with this. For example, if you are an ISP or a web host, you can write a tool that syncs your IP space with your customers’ whitelists so that your IPs are always whitelisted. Or if you run honeypots or spamtraps, you can write a program that automatically blacklists IPs that send malicious traffic there.
If you build any cool applications using these API functions, I would love to hear about it.

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