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Hey everyone—this is Pat Matthews and I’m the CEO of I’m using this blog entry to let everyone know that we’ve got a new blogging strategy—one that we feel will benefit our customers and those interested in our company. We’ve been blogging for close to a year now, but admittedly, we haven’t really had a focused strategy. Well, we think we have one now. Just as our graphic at the top of this blog says, we want to use this blog to facilitate an open conversation with our customers, prospects, and the rest of the world.
We’re going to blog often. I’m going to be the main voice on this blog, but I’m also going to encourage our employees to blog as well. Some will probably write directly to this blog; some will post pertinent information to their own blogs and when I think it’s relevant, I’ll link to those posts; and finally, some will probably send me information and ask me to post it for them. Either way, we’re going to do our best to keep our customers informed on what’s going on at and we’re going to try hard to stay on topic, keep our posts short and to the point, and hopefully overtime, we’ll be able to engage lots of feedback from you—our customers.
Here are our two basic rules for this new blog:
New Rule #1: all blog posts will have potential impact on a customer—they will have personality to them, but they must have impact, even in the smallest way. This isn’t something we were shooting for before, but as we refine our strategy, we think this is the best and most effective way to go.
New Rule #2: we will blog as concisely and often as possible. Instead of writing really long posts, we will focus on posting often but we’ll try hard to be short and to the point.
Our goal is simple. We want to be as transparent as possible with our customers and the rest of the world. We want to engage our customers in conversation. We want your feedback. I promise we will listen.

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  1. Pat,

    Your new corporate strategy for blogs makes sense. I’ll look forward to seeing new content here on a regular basis.  As someone who is also one of your customers, I’ll be especially interested in seeing how this works as a focal point for customer dialogue.


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