New Client Docs And A Tip

We recently hired a great technical writer to help us with a lot of projects.  There are now some new documents at our Setup email client page for Netscape Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird.  I really like the new formats we’re moving to and hope that we can get the old docs redone within the next couple of months.  And keep your eyes open for a Webmail user guide in the next few days.

Outlook Express With IMAP Tip

Outlook Express allows email you send using IMAP to stay synchronized with the Sent folder in Webmail, although this isn’t how OE handles sent mail by default.  To make the change go to Tools -> Accounts -> Mail (tab) -> Properties -> IMAP (tab).  For our email system (or any other system based on courier-imap), put ‘Inbox’ for the root folder, and ‘Sent’ and ‘Drafts’ for the other two folder names below.  After clicking OK Outlook Express will take just a moment to reset its folder information.

To make sure that Sent and Drafts stay up to date, right click on each of those folders then choose to synchronize all messages in the folder.

If you want to do the same thing using Outloook, follow these instructions from Microsoft.


Kirk Averett is the senior director of product for Cloud Office at Rackspace.


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