New Display Preferences

We’ve added two new features that should make composing email a little easier . . .
Default font and font size
When a webmail user is composing an email in HTML format, they can now save some time by using a default font and font size. To choose your desired defaults, select Account Options / Display Preferences. In the Composing Email section, select a default font and font size in the drop-down boxes.
Hiding the Frequent Contacts box
Our Frequent Contacts feature allows users to have quick access to contacts they write to most often. Users who do not want to use this feature, however, can now hide the Frequent Contacts box—freeing up more room for their To, Cc, Bcc, and Subject boxes.
To hide or display the Frequent Contacts box, select Account Options / Display Preferences. In the Composing Email section, check or clear the “Display the Frequent Contacts box.

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  1. Hello Team

    Hope your team can put the following in place :

    1.  24 x 7 support …this will help people especially in India / Asia, who otherwise have to wait a whole 10-12 hours till our problems gets to your support team and then resolved. I do not know how many Indian / Asian sites you host.

    2.  Control on “Aliases” should be given to us. We should be able to manage to add / delete “aliases” and also allow/restrict permission to send emails to defined “aliases”

    3.  Auto-reply should be a feature. VAR sends out a reply only once to the sender, all subsequent emails do not get the auto-reply.

    Would appreciate if your team can put these basic things in place.




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