New Features in Beta for Rackspace Email

For those of you who don’t already know, we have a beta version of our webmail product for Rackspace Email – We use this version, affectionately known as simply “beta,” to get our newest features into the hands of customers as soon as possible, so we can get valuable feedback and work out any kinks before going live.

We recently launched our latest version of beta and, as a member of the webmail team, I am extremely proud of this release. It’s packed full of improvements to existing features, as well as brand new features. Here are a few highlights:

We have completely rewritten the autocomplete feature (which you see when addressing an email). It is now faster, smarter, and delivers a much better overall user experience.

Keyboard Shortcuts
We have added the ability to use keyboard shortcuts in the Email section of webmail. To try this out, click “Settings” and check “Enable Keyboard Shortcuts.” Use the “?” key to see everything you can do. This feature is still in its infancy, so the more feedback the better.

Compose Reminders
Ever send an email without a subject and get yelled at by that one picky co-worker? Ever send an email with an attachment to someone, only without the attachment? No more. If you try to send an email without a subject, or if we think you meant to include an attachment and didn’t, you will get a popup letting you know.

We’ll be touching on everything that went into this release in more detail in future posts. Remember to keep the feedback coming, and enjoy!


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