New Rackspace Application Services for Databases: “Any Database, Any Deployment, Any Service Level”

Rackspace has been offering enterprise-class database services for more than a decade.

Today, we’re taking that service to a new level, with our “any database, any deployment, any service level” approach, which meets customers wherever they are on their digital transformation journey.

The new Rackspace Application Services for Databases is the result of diligent work combining our database services with those of TriCore Solutions and Datapipe, two companies Rackspace recently acquired which had their own data services and process. Our new offering delivers the best of all three companies’ offerings, giving customers a more personal and professional DBA experience, plus shorter response times and faster time to resolution.

Our data services vision

Historically, our focus has been on supporting Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and the MySQL ecosystem on Rackspace bare metal or private cloud environments.

Yet our customers increasingly have data needs across multiple technologies and platforms; they need a single provider who can provide the necessary DBA expertise for the design, deployment and management of their complex data platforms. That’s why we developed our “any database, any deployment, any service level” approach:

  • Any database: DBAssist can be an hourly service or recurring subscription service for any database platform, either through in-house talent or by bringing in a partner for your specific database platform.
  • Any deployment:We’ll provide these services on any database available over most standard internet platforms. In addition to Rackspace’s various platforms, we can provide support to AWS and Microsoft Azure customers — and when combined with Rackspace Application Services’ Remote Services, we can extend that support over any public cloud, third party datacenter or even your own server room.
  • Any service level: From ad-hoc help through basic infrastructure DBA services, or custom work through our Professional Services organization, our flexible subscription models will allow you to build in the exact amount of support you want per month.

 New: lead database administrator 

Adding a lead data engineer is a feature we’ve incorporated from TriCore Solutions. In addition to your dedicated account team, your organization will also be assigned a lead data engineer, a named DBA resource who will become the expert on your database environment and how it integrates with the rest of your business. Together, this expanded team will provide strategic oversight for your account, including delivering design consultations, regular health reviews and helping to plan the proactive maintenance and support you expect from Rackspace. Our lead data engineers are backed by our 24x7x365 database operations team and our Global Response Center, ensuring access to the highest quality support, even if your lead data engineer is away.

Flexible consumption models

Along with the above features, you will be provided with a tiered subscription model, priced per database instance with unlimited support requests per month (limit five databases per instance). For businesses that do not need unlimited support requests, or who need more than five databases per instance, Rackspace can also define an hours-based subscription that may better suit your needs.

Our Application Services for Databases will continue to evolve with our customers’ needs. DBA is a highly dynamic part of the database market and we expect this offering will continue to evolve to meet our customers needs while also incorporating technology innovations. That means our customers’ feedback will be crucial to this evolution. Contact your account team, or click to learn more about Rackspace Application Services for Databases, and help us develop and test the new tools and services that will define what best-in-class means.


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