New Rackspace Email Autodiscover Feature Simplifies Outlook Setup

Configuring Outlook to connect to your email provider can be a confusing and difficult experience. We often ask end-users to understand the difference between POP, IMAP and SMTP. They must configure incoming and outgoing server hostnames. They need to specify authentication settings and check server port numbers. This is all very confusing and leads to frustrated customers and increased calls to administrators and support.

The autodiscover service makes it easy to configure Outlook and other email programs. For years our Hosted Exchange customers have utilized the autodiscover service to simplify Outlook setup. Now, autodiscover is available for Rackspace Email and Exchange Hybrid customers as well.

To utilize autodiscover, a one-time DNS setup step is required for administrators to add a CNAME record. Once enabled for the domain, autodiscover provides configuration details to Outlook and other email programs when a new profile is created. Users simply enter their email address and password and autodiscover does the rest. Rackspace Email accounts are configured for secure IMAP and SMTP, while Exchange users continue to be configured appropriately for Exchange.

We are excited about how simple autodiscover makes email setup for our customers. All new domains purchased through Rackspace Email & Apps are automatically enabled with autodiscover and we encourage all of our customers to configure autodiscover on their domains. For more information and details on how to setup autodiscover for your domain, check out this Support Site article.

  • Ben

    Will autodiscover also work with iPhone and Android email clients?

    • Ben,
      Autodiscover works with iPhone and Android if you have mobile sync enabled for Rackspace Email. These devices do not yet fully support the autodiscover standards for auto configuring IMAP & SMTP.

  • Niels Christensen

    Dear Brian,

    The support doc setting up Outlook 2010 still only shows how to do it the (complicated) manual way:

    Where can I find instructions to set up Outlook 2010 using autodiscover?


    • Niels,
      This link is for manually setting up Outlook for Exchange. With autodiscover, on Exchange or Rackspace Email, after clicking to Add a profile you simply enter your name, email address and password. Autodiscover will do the rest.

  • If you change your Exchange mailbox password via the user control panel, how does this affect Autodiscover? Will Outlook keep trying to connect with the old password? Thanks.

    • Yes, Outlook will try the old password and when it fails it will prompt you to re-enter your credentials.

  • Dear,

    Ho I can sync the updated Address book from the mail Server directly?

    I have Office 2013 Outlook installed and Configured the POP Server.

    Manoj KS

    • Manoj,
      Are you referring to the Contacts from the Rackspace Email Webmail interface? If so, these do not currently sync with Outlook.

      If you are on Hosted Exchange, I would recommend setting up Autodiscover instead of connecting via POP… that way your contacts and calendar will sync with Outlook.

      Feel free to contact support directly for additional assistance.

  • Great! Very helpfull Information, thank you.

  • I am interested in Rackspace Enterprise email including calendar and contact sync. I have two desktop computers, one with Outlook 2007 and one with outlook 2013. I have a Samsung S3 mobile device. What is the best solution for me to use?