New Relic, Rackspace Help Zendesk Deliver High Availability And Performance

This is a guest blog post written and contributed by Bill Hodak, director of product marketing at New Relic, an application performance management vendor and Rackspace partner.

Rackspace lives by the motto “Fanatical Support” and New Relic couldn’t agree more. We both believe that making the customer succeed is our success. This philosophy is of the utmost importance in maintaining applications in the cloud. And it is also integral to our mutual customers’ businesses. In this post, we look at a company that leverages both New Relic and Rackspace solutions.

Customer service can make or break a brand. Just ask Zendesk. The popular cloud-based help desk system helps more than15,000 companies deliver exceptional service.  Its customers – including Zappos, Groupon, Dropbox and Open Table – love the company’s product. Many send videos and thank you messages about how Zendesk has made their lives easier by providing fast and easy access to the information they need to support their customers.

At peak load times, Zendesk processes more than 60,000 requests per minute (RPM) and 500,000 queries per minute. It must be available from anywhere, on any device, at any time. The smallest glitch in performance or reliability can negatively affect the more than 65 million users interacting with the system. Preventing such issues is the company’s first concern.

To ensure an optimal user experience, Zendesk needed both a performance monitoring tool and a hosting platform that could meet its needs as a growing company. First, New Relic gave Zendesk’s engineering team an easy-to-use intuitive tool to help it pinpoint and resolve performance issues quickly. Then, as it outgrew its original hosting environment, Zendesk turned to Rackspace to build a scalable, secure modern architecture.

Zendesk says it sees New Relic and Rackspace as the best-of-breed providers in their respective spaces. And each shares Zendesk’s commitment to deliver outstanding products and outstanding support. Together, New Relic and Rackspace complement each other and help the company achieve the level of availability and performance its customers rely on.

“Rackspace has a great reputation,” says Zack Urlocker, Zendesk’s COO. “They are known for their high availability, performance and security. When we tell people that we are running on Rackspace, we consistently get a great response. Our customers know they are in good hands.”

“The New Relic dashboard is excellent at showing us if we have a performance problem and where it is,” adds Tim Sturge, director of operations at Zendesk. “Being able to take that information and drill down to the source is terrific.”

Zendesk knows New Relic and Rackspace are a winning combination. The Rackspace hosting environment and the New Relic application performance management tool create a foundation for Zendesk’s continued success. This frees the company to work on application features, and make and deliver the best cloud-based solution on the market.

New Relic has partnered with Rackspace to offer New Relic Standard for free (a $50 value) to all Rackspace customers interested in managing and monitoring their web applications. If you want to be like Zendesk and find out how you can use New Relic on Rackspace to monitor and boost the performance of your entire web app environment, go to to get started.

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