Can You Balance SharePoint ROI and Governance Needs? [Webinar]

If you have questions about running SharePoint in the cloud, our experts have answers. Our SharePoint webinar series is a three-part dive into a range of issues SharePoint users frequently experience. We started this series with the discussion, “What Is Cloud and Its Impact on the Future Of SharePoint?” Anyone who missed it can catch up here.

In our second installment, “What Does A Cloud World Look Like for a SharePoint Customer?” we look into the complexities of migrating SharePoint to the cloud. Our discussion focuses on addressing the top considerations and concerns around migration, including:

  • Determining security needs and cloud hosting options to help you adhere to stringent compliance and privacy requirements;
  • The importance of information taxonomy, understanding your existing environment before upgrading or migrating a SharePoint farm, and the types of data best suited for cloud;
  • How cloud evolves the IT pro role from keeping the lights on to becoming the strategic partner that businesses need; and
  • Specific migration planning advice from pre-planning to post-migration activities.

The third webinar installment will take place on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. EST. In this final installment of the SharePoint webinar series, “Maximizing ROI with SharePoint in the Cloud” our team covers governance and management strategies to improve ROI for SharePoint in the cloud. We’ll look at:

  • Strategies and tools to keep cloud-hosted SharePoint content properly managed and protected;
  • Best practices, strategies, and tools to manage and protect users and content in the cloud; and
  • Setting and remaining compliant with your governance policies when content resides in multiple locations.

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Caroline Lim is a Marketing Manager for Cloud Office, focused on the Rackspace Email and SharePoint products. Her experience stemmed from Marketing Communications and has grown into specializing in Demand Generation through digital strategies and Inbound Marketing best practices. She gets a thrill out of challenging new opportunities and believes in learning through hands-on experience, growing from failures and receiving guidance from peers.


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