New Year’s Resolutions for IT Managers

As we move into a new year, there is always the need to reflect upon lessons learned and the desire to move forward with vigor. Here’s a list of resolutions with which you can start today, to better address your IT needs in 2011.

1. Finalize Selection of a Collaboration Toolset

Making information available and reliable to the team is a critical component for productivity. Have you considered SharePoint 2010 as a solution for centralizing information including wikis, videos and documents?

2. Plan for Next Year’s Seasonal Spike in E-commerce Sales

The increased traffic demands require unique, scalable solutions. Rather than invest in additional infrastructure that is only used six weeks out of the year, consider a Hybrid solution from Rackspace.

3. Consider Managed Hosting in the Cloud

Already in the Cloud and don’t have the time to effectively and efficiently monitor your environment? Rackspace Hosting’s newest service level – Managed Service in the Cloud – includes monitoring, operating system and application infrastructure layer support, and technical guidance.

4. Evaluate Disaster Recovery Plans

What are you going to do when disaster strikes? Managing your disaster recovery internally can quickly become costly and complex. Consider a new plan for designing, deploying and managing your disaster recovery.

5. Make Workforce more Mobile with Secure, Remote Access to Data

How are you keeping business moving while the team is on the road? How reliable is the access to mobile email? Consider a solution that will maintain productivity while ensuring exchanges of communication are secure.

Good luck with implementing your new IT strategies. As always, if you have any questions, Rackspace’s Fanatical Support is here to assist you.

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