Next Generation MongoDB: Extended Capabilities with WiredTiger

MongoDB 3.0 with WiredTiger storage engine – brought to you by the architects who originally developed the Berkeley DB – is now available in multiple data centers on the ObjectRocket platform, making it the first database-as-a-service to offer the new pluggable storage engine.

WiredTiger offers feature and performance improvements such as the new storage engine API, which provides performance, scalability and hardware efficiencies while allowing for mixed workloads.

For many applications, WiredTiger’s more granular concurrency control, write-ahead log, memory cache and native compression provide significant benefits in terms of lower storage costs, greater hardware utilization, higher throughput and more predictable performance. A few notable engines under development to keep an eye out for include RocksDB from Facebook and PerconaFT from Percona.

“We adopted WiredTiger internally so we could give customers realistic expectations of how it would perform in production and gain experience ourselves,” said Erik Beebe, CTO and co-founder at ObjectRocket. “In short, it’s amazing – very fast for a variety of workloads compression works great with low CPU overhead, and extremely reliable.”

Below are three new features users can build with a few simple clicks inside the ObjectRocket user interface. For a full list of 3.0 changes, check out the release notes for MongoDB 3.0.

  • On-disk compression — use either Google’s very fast snappy library or zlib to minimize storage.
  • Document-level locking — provides optimistic concurrency control for read and write operations.
  • Higher performance — up to 10x write performance increase compared to MMAPv1 on equivalent hardware with memory caching, write-ahead transaction logs and document-level locking.

These are just a few practical examples of WiredTiger increased functionality, and of our ObjectRocket service’s ability to maximize the use and performance of your data.

Sign up for a free trial to give Mongo 3.0 and WiredTiger a test drive today, or contact us at 1-844-208-1147.

Kyle Hunter was the product marketing manager for ObjectRocket solutions at Rackspace. He is a seasoned IT professional with an long-standing record of driving technical vision, future roadmaps, architecture, strategic planning, software development, product management and product marketing. Kyle’s focus and expertise in new data platforms has positioned him as a go-to resource for users looking to implement large scale data platforms successfully.


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