No Tradeoffs: The Power Of A True Hybrid Cloud

Last year, Rackspace President Lew Moorman took the stage at Structure to talk about the power of the cloud as the underlying technology platform and core operating system upon which most future applications will be built. We’re seeing that transformation happening now, and it’s changing how the world builds and runs applications.

And as the cloud has taken a hold in the enterprise world, new needs have emerged. A one-size-fits-all public cloud isn’t the answer for every business or every workload. There’s a demand to run the cloud where you want, how you want and in the right combination to be the perfect fit for your application. That’s the hybrid cloud. The hybrid cloud is the ability to mix and match different form factors like bare metal dedicated servers, public cloud and private cloud into a common architecture for your application. You can match the infrastructure to the workload to optimize security, performance, uptime and total cost for your specific application. This is a better alternative to pure public cloud – it is the end state of cloud computing.

At Structure last night, I showcased the hybrid cloud revolution – with help from HubSpot and Fidelity, two companies that are blazing a trail in the hybrid cloud.

Fidelity Technology Group Vice President Keith Shinn said yesterday that the financial services giant is working with Rackspace to advance its OpenStack-powered private cloud as a first step toward its hybrid cloud vision. And HubSpot showcased its successful implementation of a hybrid cloud that enables the company to deploy the same image to public cloud, hosted private cloud or bare-metal servers, which has resulted in a four-times efficiency increase versus the public cloud.

These two customer examples show that the hybrid cloud is taking hold.

While the public cloud was great, it is a multi-tenant generalized computing pool. It delivered huge benefits for its time. Think about it – the ability to get compute capacity in real-time and pay for what you use is incredible. It opened the door for swift innovation for developers.

But there were tradeoffs. Once those workloads got more complex, the public cloud couldn’t keep up. You lost certain attributes that were only offered in a single-tenant, specialized environment – such as airtight performance and stronger reliability. With that comes increased stability and security.

The public cloud plays a major role in our hybrid cloud vision, but it’s not the be all end all. Customers have outgrown the public cloud. They’re finding the best of all worlds in the hybrid cloud, and ours is powered by OpenStack.

The hybrid cloud changes the game. It eliminates the tradeoffs and empowers customers to leverage an infrastructure that makes the most sense for their applications while also building toward a future where a single cloud – whether public or private – or dedicated hardware alone isn’t the perfect fit. It helps them build toward a future where their workloads live in the environment that makes the most sense at the time and can move when the needs grow and change.

The open hybrid cloud is the future, and we’re here to help you get there.

John Engates joined Rackspace in August 2000, just a year after the company was founded, as Vice President of Operations, managing the datacenter operations and customer-service teams. Two years later, when Rackspace decided to add new services for larger enterprise customers, John created and helped develop the Intensive Hosting business unit. John played an active role in the evolution and evangelism of Rackspace’s cloud-computing strategy and cloud products. John met frequently with customers to hear about their needs and concerns, and to discuss Rackspace’s vision for the future of cloud computing. John's final positions was as the company’s Chief Evangelist. John is also an internationally recognized cloud computing expert and a sought-after speaker at technology conferences, including CA World, the Goldman Sachs Techtonics Conference and Cloud Expo. He speaks on the future of cloud computing, enterprise cloud adoption, data center efficiency, green data center best practices, and more. Prior to joining Rackspace, John was a founder and General Manager at Internet Direct, one of the original Internet service providers in Texas. John is a graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio and holds a B.B.A. in Accounting.


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