ObjectRocket Acquisition FAQ

Why did Rackspace acquire ObjectRocket?
We are committed to providing customers with the tools they need to build their businesses on top of the Rackspace Open Cloud. Databases are the core of almost any application and MongoDB is quickly becoming the de facto choice for NoSQL applications. See the blog post from Rackspace president, Lew Moorman on the rationale for investing in MongoDB here.

Put simply, we love the team and the technology they’ve built. Database architectures, especially NoSQL databases like MongoDB, pose significant challenges for performance and scalability in the cloud. ObjectRocket’s team addressed these challenges head on and their customers love them for it. They also share our values – all instances come with 24x7x365 support.

What does ObjectRocket do?
ObjectRocket makes it easy to provision and manage MongoDB instances in the cloud. Customers can choose from a variety of plans to fit their workload – from one gigabyte to multi-terabyte scale.

With ObjectRocket, you can:

  • Simplify provisioning: ObjectRocket provisions all the mongos servers, mongod servers, config servers, arbiters, and load balancing, including API access, SSL termination, and backups. Each instance has a fully redundant replica set, and a single shard to start. Adding more is as simple as a single click.
  • Deliver a fast and reliable application: The complete stack has been optimized specifically for MongoDB applications. The network stack, file system, OS kernel, and other resources have been configured to make MongoDB as fast as possible.  All data is stored on redundant, blazing-fast Solid State Drives.
  • Scale easily: All you have to do is to choose an appropriately distributed shard key. ObjectRocket’s RocketScale™ technology will automatically add shards as space is consumed (unless you prefer to add them yourself).
  • Automate administration: ObjectRocket implements a rich set of tools and APIs specifically to save you time, ensure uptime, and make administration tasks easy. For example, QueryGuard allows you to create rules for protecting against long-running queries, and the RocketScale agent transparently adds shards as needed. ObjectRocket monitors all instances for connections, lag, locks, status of replicas, size, and number of queries, just to name a few things.

Will the ObjectRocket team be joining Rackspace?
Yes, we are very excited to welcome the ObjectRocket team to the Rackspace family. The company has three founders – Chris Lalonde, Erik Beebe and Kenny Gorman. They have 50+ years of experience managing databases and were the brains behind the early databases deployed at PayPal and eBay. Since early 2012, they have been focused on the performance and scalability issues related to MongoDB in a cloud environment. Most importantly, they are Rackers to the bone.

The three co-founders will relocate to Austin where they will work closely with the architects, engineers and project managers on our growing DBaaS team.

I’m a Rackspace customer, how do I use ObjectRocket?
ObjectRocket’s MongoDB will be available in our Chicago data center in early March and will soon be integrated deeply into our entire open cloud portfolio. We plan to expand this product offering to additional Rackspace data centers.

I’m an existing ObjectRocket customer, what should I expect?
ObjectRocket will continue to offer the same great service for their existing and new customers. Customers will not have to use other Rackspace products in order to use ObjectRocket. In fact, ObjectRocket leverages AWS Direct Connect to provide low latency and free bandwidth to AWS customers and will continue to be sold as a standalone service.

How will Rackspace sales people sell the ObjectRocket service to their customers?
All sales for ObjectRocket will continue to be supported by the ObjectRocket team, but we are working hard on a joint sales strategy. You can send referrals to sales@objectrocket.com at this time.

Will ObjectRocket change its name?
We thought up some really cool names, but, at this time, we don’t feel that is necessary.

How much did Rackspace pay for ObjectRocket?
We are not disclosing the financial details of the transaction.

How do I learn more and how do I sign up for the service?
For more information on ObjectRocket and how to sign up for the service, visit: www.rackspace.com/information/mediacenter/announcements/objectrocket/.



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