ObjectRocket Adds Fully-Managed Redis Service

Managing Redis at scale is hard. And ObjectRocket by Rackspace wants to alleviate the pain and headaches developers face managing Redis NoSQL databases. Using the same principles we apply to our fully-managed MongoDB service, our ObjectRocket team now offers full automation, support and management of Redis so developers can focus on their applications and not maintaining their databases.

For the past two years, ObjectRocket has delivered a rich, managed MongoDB experience to our customers on an optimized server fleet tuned specifically to run MongoDB. Customers look to ObjectRocket to shoulder the burden of running a MongoDB environment. While many open source NoSQL databases are easy to adopt and free to obtain; the time spent troubleshooting and administering the full environment is difficult, especially at scale. ObjectRocket allows MongoDB users to treat the database as a target for applications and not another component to manage. You simply code your application to the managed ObjectRocket service and scale your data to meet the needs of the application.

And starting today, ObjectRocket for Redis provides that same level of service for the increasingly popular key-value data structure Redis.

Redis is often used as an ephemeral data structure, which means the dataset and data store technologies do not persist after the computation is done. You can persist the data by dumping it to disk every once in a while or by appending them to a log. The fleeting nature of the application is solely to provide flexibility in deployment and the most optimal utilization of resources. It is easily replicated over a trivial-to-setup master-slave sync to provide reliability for more complex operations.

As we see more applications wanting to leverage user data and derive the behavior based on this data, Redis is becoming even more of a focus for developers. Additionally, Redis is easy to setup, replicate and code to, which makes it an important part of the modern data architecture. Redis has quickly become a leading contender in the open source community. It is deployed at scale at several major companies, including Flickr, which uses automated Redis master failover for an important subsystem, and Pinterest, which uses Redis for its following model and interest graph.

But just because Redis is easy to setup and run doesn’t mean that complications do not exist when you try to scale the technology. This is where the expertise and optimized nature of the ObjectRocket platform lends real value. With the new ObjectRocket for Redis service, users can deploy a fully managed Redis service backed by certified data engineers who are Redis specialists. This allows you to adopt and use Redis technology quickly and become more successful. Along with 24×7 expert support, ObjectRocket for Redis offers high availability with free backups; simplified operations, high performance and high bandwidth.

ObjectRocket for Redis is available now in the Rackspace Northern Virginia data center, and will be available in our Dallas, Chicago and London data centers by the end of August 2014. Users can provision and manage Redis instances and highly available cluster nodes of up to 50GB through the ObjectRocket control panel and API.

Interested in a free trial of ObjectRocket for Redis? Fill in a couple short fields and get started today at objectrocket.com/redis.


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