ObjectRocket Blasts Off In Hong Kong

Just 13 months after we acquired industrial strength MongoDB Data-as-a-Service ObjectRocket, the service is now available in our Hong Kong data center. This follows the launch of ObjectRocket in the UK earlier this year.

Making ObjectRocket available in Hong Kong and the UK gives you the ability to scale and manage big data in the cloud for your most demanding applications using MongoDB. Because ObjectRocket is built specifically on hardware that is fine-tuned for MongoDB, it empowers you to process and analyze large volumes of data quickly and leverage it for a competitive advantage.

For many scalable applications, it’s imperative to have the database servers in close physical proximity to web or application servers. Until now, ObjectRocket has been only been available to those running applications in the U.S. There were no options if your apps were running in Rackspace’s Hong Kong and UK data centers. Now, you can leverage a sharded and fully-managed MongoDB service built with a set of tools and APIs to maximize uptime and eliminate the administrative headaches that many big data applications can create.

ObjectRocket is optimized to run MongoDB across all layers of the stack – from the network to the file system and the hardware. Rackspace handles the scaling, sharding and performance of MongoDB within the ObjectRocket service, freeing developers to focus on the application as opposed to keeping the database running.

And we’re not stopping at Hong Kong and the UK; we’re working to make ObjectRocket available in our Sydney data center very soon. In the meantime, you can give it a try today with a free 30-day trial available at the ObjectRocket website.

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