ObjectRocket MongoDB Now In Our Chicago Data Center

ObjectRocket, the industrial strength MongoDB database-as-a-service company that we acquired in February, is now available in our Chicago data center. This means you can now use ObjectRocket as part of your Rackspace deployments.

Performance matters

When building scalable applications, it is extremely important to have your database servers and web or app servers in close physical proximity. Until this week, ObjectRocket has worked great for people running their applications on the west or east coasts of the U.S. where ObjectRocket has data centers, but there wasn’t an option if you were running your application at Rackspace. Now there is.

We recently benchmarked ObjectRocket against other MongoDB services and ObjectRocket is the fastest MongoDB service on the market, in addition to being highly available and automatically scalable. ObjectRocket was built by engineers for engineers.

What can you build with ObjectRocket?

MongoDB is the best database for building cloud-enabled applications. ObjectRocket eliminates the operational complexities of running and managing a scalable database cluster and allows you to focus on building applications to support your business. MongoDB’s flexible schema, huge community and document model allow developers to iterate quickly and know they’re building on a platform that has proven successes at companies like Foursquare, Disney and Craigslist, just to name a few. You can find many more examples at the MongoDB website http://www.10gen.com/solutions.

Try it free

ObjectRocket offers a free 30-day free trial on 1GB and 5GB instances, so signup today and try ObjectRocket out for yourself. You can read a detailed example of how to connect your Rackspace and ObjectRocket infrastructure over on our DevOps blog.

Chris is co-founder and CEO of ObjectRocket. He has 16-plus years of experience building online platforms and an award-winning background, comprising serial successes driving technology development and operations for a variety of startups, government agencies and Fortune 500 corporations. He has held senior executive positions with companies including Bullhorn, Quigo and online auction powerhouse, eBay. Chris has been awarded five patents.


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