Offering Resellers Even More

We just kicked off our first ever reseller conference in Atlanta, Georgia this morning and decided to use the opportunity to announce some enhancements we have planned for our reseller program. We’ve been hard at work over the past few months to offer our resellers even more opportunities to grow their business.

Over the past year we have seen significant growth in our channel offering, nearly doubling the number of resellers in the last year and prompting us to host the first Email & Apps reseller conference this week.

That’s why we are so excited today to announce the plans for the enhancements to our reseller program, which will include:

  • A New Tiered Structure with Mounting Benefits to Reward Growth
  • New Training Materials
  • New Marketing Resources
  • More Opportunities for Recurring Revenue with Expanded Product Portfolio

More details will be found on our website over the coming weeks and via direct communications with current resellers.

Not familiar with our reseller offering? Learn more about the benefits of our offering from one of our reseller customers, Darryl Parker, CEO of Parker Web Services below. Or visit our reseller section on our website.

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