Office 365 Enhanced Security Features Ease Transition to Cloud

Security, compliance and privacy: why smart customers trust Rackspace and Office 365

Office 365

In the past, many organizations cited concerns about security and compliance in the cloud as justification for keeping email and file sharing and storage infrastructure entirely on-premises.

However, with recent additions and enhancements to reliable and trusted security features and capabilities by leaders in the technology service providers, customers from across geographies and industry verticals have chosen to move their most sensitive information to cloud services.

Microsoft Office 365, combined with Rackspace Fanatical Support, is built to provide the most reliable support and trusted security features to eliminate security concerns and roadblocks stopping businesses from moving to the cloud.


Your data is crucial to your business and the security of that data should not be taken lightly. Recent studies have shown that the vast majority of business’ sensitive intellectual property is now stored in email records and collaboration platforms like SharePoint. Office 365’s layers of security are designed to ensure that each customer receives enterprise-grade security.

Starting with physical security in Microsoft datacenters, from point of entry, employees are greeted with multi-factor authentication, which includes biometric screening for data access. This next-level security will not only alert you of any suspicious activity or unusual behavior, but it also will demagnetize faulty drives and hardware and destroy them. Behind the scenes, a threat management team proactively prevents malicious attacks while a system in place for security monitoring prevents and detects any tampering of data.

With updated admin and user controls, you can rely on Office 365 for the newest software in data loss prevention. This will both prevent sensitive information from leaking internally and externally, but will give you back the control of your data by allowing you to apply personalized policies to protect your data.


Security of your data is only effective when you are provided the privacy your business needs and deserves. The first step in making this possible is with on simple fact — you are the owner of your data, and Office 365 is simply a tool to process your data. Office 365 will never keep your data from you or mine your data, whether you are a current customer or ever chose to leave Office 365.

As your support provider, Rackspace Fanatical Support teams will only use your data for the services in which you request, and we will remain completely transparent in every step of the process. We can help your admins make the right choices for end user access and security through the included Office 365 privacy controls, where you are able to choose the individuals in your business who may have access to data, and then in a deeper layer, limit abilities to email, download, print, edit or share sensitive files.


Regulatory oversight of the technology industry is growing every year and compliance requirements are ever-changing. That is why Microsoft Office 365 is built with the ability to continuously evolve for customers all over the world in order to always remain compliant.

Compliance specialists tracking standards and regulations matched by essential controls built into the Office 365 compliance framework is at the heart of how Office 365 consistently meets industry regulations. Even with this careful oversight, there are many needs for information archiving and record keeping that Office 365 can’t meet on its own.

Trusted support and third party tools like Rackspace Email Archiving are often the only ways to maintain the security and historical record keeping to meet regulatory and compliance demands.

Microsoft has made it very easy to find out more about the security features of Office 365 by providing a summary of all their security efforts, and answers to frequently asked questions at their Trust Center website.

They have even put together several Top 10 Lists that identify the key privacy and security considerations that should inform your decision. Using these three top-ten lists can help you save time and make a more informed decision.

Rackspace Takes Security and Compliance Seriously

Fanatical Support® for Office 365 combines the expert support you need with the powerful Microsoft Office suite, with secure, cloud-based versions of Exchange, SharePoint, and Skype for Business. Each of these powerful communication and collaboration tools offers individualized productivity and security benefits that can help your business:

  • Provide secure mobile access
  • Depend on data encryption and risk mitigation tools
  • Easily control and grant access to services and content to individuals in your organization
  • Configure anti-malware / anti-spam controls
  • Help with adhering to compliance requirements with advanced tools and reporting
  • And also available: Rely on archiving, search, and discovery services in the cloud, with unlimited storage and retention, by adding Rackspace Email Archiving for Office 365.

Let us know how we can help you solve challenges making the move to Office 365. Make the switch to Fanatical Support for Office 365 today and work with Rackspace experts to see all the security features yourself with no risk with our 14-day free trial.

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Want to learn more about Office 365 security? Watch our latest webinar recording with Microsoft MVP Naomi Moneypenny on Youtube: Office 365 Security & Compliance – Why smart customers move their most important information to Office 365.

Bill Venteicher was the Product Marketing Manager for Cloud Office at Rackspace. He had more than 13 years of experience in cloud-based software marketing and sales, media and advertising sales and operations, customer service and account management in the high tech, jewelry and retail industries, with a technical focus on collaboration and productivity and Microsoft Exchange environments. He lives with his wife and three boys in Cedar Park, Texas.


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