Oil Field Logistics Solutions: Game Changing Commodities Transport In The Cloud

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This blog post is written and contributed by Cip Palacios, head of implementation at Qv21 Technologies[1], LLC. Qv21 is a Rackspace customer and a leader in SaaS (Software as a Service) logistics solutions for the Oil Field Services industry. Based in Newport, R.I., and with offices throughout the US and overseas, Qv21 Technologies focuses on improving logistics efficiency in the oil and gas industry. Using the latest proven and readily available technologies, Qv21 makes its cutting edge solutions easily accessible to companies of all sizes without large capital expense. To find out more, visit Qv21 at www.Qv21.com[2].

Oil field logistics software is taking on the challenge of modernizing one of the oldest industries in the world: the trucking and transport industry. With a goal to provide precise and accurate logistics awareness through advanced fleet and freight management software, strides are quickly being made to provide real-time insight into the business of moving commodities from one place to another. Applications provide customers a one-stop shop for virtually all logistic needs. The process is cost-effectively made possible by using Windows 7 computers in the office and smartphones in-the-cab, connected via the Rackspace Cloud[3].

Our Rackspace-powered fleet logistics software applications provide the following abilities for the various hauling industries, whether they’re hauling crude oil, numerous types of water or frac sand, hazmat, gravel, timber or other commodities.

State of the art logistics software changes the way the trucking industry operates, whether that is in the oil field or in other industries. By using new, cost-effective cloud-based applications, trucking companies can streamline logistics and day to day operations, enabling a real-time view of their businesses while adding to their profit margins.

Qv21 has chosen to partner with Rackspace as our cloud provider. Rackspace provides an extremely robust environment and expert infrastructure management. Qv21 owns a Private Cloud[4] in Rackspace’s Chicago data center. This Private Cloud includes SQL servers, a management server, web servers, network and managed firewalls. By outsourcing our entire infrastructure to Rackspace, Qv21 can focus on its core business; logistics and application development. Utilizing a Private Cloud ensures that Qv21’s customers have the highest levels of data security

Just as we allow our customers to focus on their business and not worry about technology or scaling technology, Rackspace allows Qv21 to focus on our business. Bringing new server capacity online is as simple as a phone call or creating a service ticket. As well as providing infrastructure, Rackspace provides expertise. Qv21’s staff does not need to be experts in networking, firewall configuration or SQL clustering; these infrastructure related activities and tasks are all handled by Rackspace and are Rackspace’s expertise.

In addition to providing infrastructure for Qv21’s client facing services, Rackspace also provides a great deal of Qv21’s internal operational infrastructure. This includes email, SharePoint based document management and more.

Efficiency throughout the transportation industry is growing daily. When you’re ready to add greater efficiency and real-time situational awareness to your oil field logistics solutions or other industries, please contact www.Qv21.com[2]. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your own unique situation so together we can help you attain optimal efficiency. We’re here to help.

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