One Email Outage Pays for a Year of Rackspace Email Hosting

Steven Ng, Vice President of Professional Services for Acumetrics came to Rackspace after a hard drive failure took their email down for a week and reallocated Steven’s time from billable work to fixing email. Due to a failed backup, they also lost a week’s worth of email. By outsourcing their email to Rackspace, they now have dedicated support when they have email issues from our team of email experts.

According to Steven, “We lost enough time and money from one outage to pay for Rackspace hosting service for a year.” When they experienced a recent outage, they reviewed our resolution report and determined, “that issue would have taken us hours to diagnose and even longer to fix.” Outsourcing allows Steven to focus on growing their business while we worry about making sure his email is operational.

According to a report by Osterman Research there’s a 72% chance you’ll experience an unplanned email outage this year per. With each outage, businesses can expect an average of 62 hours of downtime. The report also shows that 41% of unplanned outages are due to technological issues: software configuration errors, outdated drives, or HVAC issues. Hardware failures alone accounted for over a quarter of unplanned outages. Even a short outage can have long-term consequence, like missing important customer communication, total loss of email data, and lost productivity.

With all the things that can go wrong with email, putting it in the hands of email experts makes sense. Rackspace’s email infrastructure is built on a redundant, clustered server environment with automatic failover measures.

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  1. Our email which we hose with Rackspace has been down for several hours. Upon googling to see updates, i found this article. Kind of ironic. What about all the redundancies you mention in your article? C’mon now… you shouldn’t write articles on this if your clients are ever going to experience an email outage like we all are now.


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