OnMetal Delivers Improved Performance for Mobile Advertising Solutions Co.

As the operator of the world’s largest OpenStack cloud and a standard-bearer in the OpenStack community, Rackspace is constantly pushing for innovative solutions to the challenges encountered as we break new ground scaling OpenStack beyond all other providers.

Our operational expertise allows us to help the community improve the stability of OpenStack through upstream code contribution and sharing best practices for tuning and scaling the various internal OpenStack components.

It has also enabled innovations such as bare metal cloud, which is a dedicated server with the instant deployment capabilities of a multi-tenant cloud. In 2014, we launched OnMetal Cloud Servers as an option for customers who didn’t want to choose between the benefits of bare metal dedicated servers and the virtual cloud.

OnMetal Cloud Servers offer the raw power, consistent performance and cost efficiency at scale of dedicated servers, plus the instant-on deployment and API accessibility of the multi-tenant cloud.

It’s a true powerhouse in the public cloud. These capabilities make OnMetal Cloud Servers the perfect choice for highly demanding and data-intensive workloads such as Cassandra, Spark and other real-time analytics and online transaction processing applications. They also enable reducing web/application tier complexity when used to compact many VMs into far fewer bare metal servers or run a fleet of Docker containers with fewer servers than would be possible with VMs.

As more businesses run these demanding applications, the imperative to find new solutions to improve efficiency and cloud ROI will continue to increase.

That’s why, during the recent OpenStack Summit in Austin, we weren’t surprised to see interest in bare metal servers surging, as businesses demand both high performance and reduced complexity required to run these demanding workloads.

SoMo Audience’s experience with OnMetal offers a real-world illustration of the benefits gained by using bare metal cloud.


SoMo Audience is an innovative mobile advertising solutions company offering billions of advertising impressions every day, and optimizing them to give marketers easy media buying opportunities.

The company’s virtualized environment had allowed them to scale to a certain point, but as they continued to grow, they began hitting bottlenecks.

SoMo came to Rackspace, and our Fanatical Support team got to work, partnering with them to design an environment that would take full advantage of the bare-metal speeds, consistent performance and instant scalability of OnMetal.

The increase in transaction capacity SoMo experienced is enabled by the raw computational power of OnMetal, while the ability to scale is driven by the API-provisioned, instant-on capabilities: a perfect match for the needs of SoMo Audience.

Today, SoMo’s growth is no longer constrained by their infrastructure, as OnMetal has helped them increase their efficiency and productivity, allowing them to better serve their own customers.

In addition to improved performance and productivity, businesses can also save by reducing complexity as they scale. Using OnMetal means fewer servers compared to a virtualized environment — and less infrastructure means less complexity in the user’s application, and that means reduced expense in engineering efforts.

To learn more about how OnMetal Cloud Server performance can benefit your business, click to view our on-demand webinar, “Unraveling Infrastructure Complexities with Bare Metal.”

Jason Barnhill is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Rackspace OpenStack Private Cloud. He has more than 15 years of experience in marketing, operations and strategy roles, and his functional expertise includes product P&L management, pricing strategy, marketing strategy, direct marketing, and organizational leadership. Jason earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics & Public Policy Studies from Duke University and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. He resides in Austin, TX with his wife, three children and loyal Golden Retriever.


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