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OnMetal Weekly Byte 3: Customer Value [Video]

Scaling in a multi-tenant cloud environment is hard. Noisy neighbors steal CPU cycles, degrade disk I/O and increase latency. Racker Ev Kontsevoy talked in detail about these challenges in a recent blog post. Why should you spend time and resources battling these inconsistencies? Shouldn’t you expect a predictable behavior for your application when you reach certain scale? With OnMetal we remove the complexity you face in growing your infrastructure in a multi-tenant cloud. Listen to what the OnMetal team has to say about the benefits that you as a customer should expect at scale.

Learn more about OnMetal Cloud Servers. Be sure to tune in next week for another new OnMetal Byte. And check out previous installments where we talked about the story behind OnMetal and the power of open platforms.

About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Priyanka Sahay.

Priyanka Sahay is a Product Marketing Manager at Rackspace focusing on the Cloud Compute portfolio. Prior to joining Rackspace, she worked in the Corporate Strategy group at Dell driving strategic growth initiatives for the firm. She has a MBA from Chicago Booth and holds a B.E degree in electronics. She is passionate about technology and has extensive experience working at tech firms in engineering, strategy and marketing roles. You can follow her @priyanka_sahay.

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